Google Certified Educator Level 1 ~ Friday (stand alone)

At this summit we are delighted to be running the Google Apps
 Educator Level 1 Certification preparation.  For educators, the new 'Certified Educator' courses are truly transformative in helping you incorporate Google tools in your teaching.  Rather than focusing on rote knowledge of apps the course and certification exam focuses on the practical application of the tools in the classroom. This day will focus on Educator Certification including a voucher.  Many that attend this training quickly become Google Certified Educators and are qualified to become Trainers or Innovators.  Exams are taken independently after Bootcamp.   

Following the Fundamentals Training, we will utilize Google Classroom for this professional development experience (learn what it is like to be a student for a day in Classroom!) as well as Hangout Chats, Document, Slide and Drawing Collaboration for Engaging Learners, The Many Faces of Forms, Collaborative Calendars, and more.  We will get your testing account setup and apply your voucher so you are ready to take the exam within days of the Bootcamp.  Note:  'Passing the test is not guaranteed.'

Certification Course Leader, Copil Bogdan

CopiI Bogdan is passionate about Science, Gamification and IT integration. Working smarter is the way to go - this is his motto - so he's constantly trying out tools that can ease his life as a teacher and allow him to spend more time on teaching/facilitating the learning process. 

The GAFE platform fits him like a glove. Be it Flubaroo, Autocrat, Doctopus, Goobric or something he might randomly discover and give it a try, he is eager to share his insights with other GAFE enthusiasts. He is a big fan of self directed learning and hands-on activities, so make sure you have your laptops with you and try out new things.